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Rainbow Hair!!!

I'm sitting in FDP's comfy salon chair now as I type this and attempt to blog the journey while Angeline works her magic into my hair. (And I'll probably finish this blog post days later hahaha!) For those who've been following my Instagram and blog, you'd know she's my hairy godmother. I've known her for more than 10 years and I'm super glad about where she has come. She knows what she's doing, and is the woman behind Hirzi and Munah, as well as Tabitha Nauser and Nadiah M Din. And me. =)
So it all started with Instagram. I saw these pictures of crazy beautiful rainbow hair, and for some reason (even though I've seen rainbow hair before and never was drawn to any of them) I suddenly had the urge to go all colourful. Maybe the rainbow hair styles I saw before had a bad mix of colours, because using any wrong shade, or choosing the wrong shade to go with the colour next to or below it, really can make your hair look more "eeyer" than W…

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