The Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk Series

All my life, living here in humid Singapore, I've never liked the idea of applying moisturizers on my body. Okay actually I do, this whole desire to get soft skin thing, but not after applying moisturizer and going out and feeling sticky WHILE sweating. Eeek.

Then came work life. I started using moisturizers, not out of vanity though. I was a cabin crew, and I never thought the dry cabin air and overseas weather would make my skin itch so badly. It was my first few flights. I was scratching my legs even while serving passengers. I was scratching my arms while going around Tokyo. I was scratching everywhere my pores got red and I got red bumps all over. It was that bad. Then I learnt from my seniors that this itching was because of my skin surface cracking due to dryness. 


So I started applying generous amounts of moisturizer all over myself. Before flights, during flights over my stockings, after shower, before bed. And true enough, the itching stopped. That was my first encounter with the perils of dry skin. And my first lesson on how not taking care of this biggest organ on my body could lead to so much discomfort.

Now that I'm not flying as much anymore (I still love my travels!), I still maintaining the beauty habit of moisturizing before bed (sometimes). I was hesitant about moisturizing in the day before I go out though, because of this humid, sticky feeling that I might get. And then I received these 2 bottles of Intensive Moisture Body Milk and one with SPF15 from NIVEA a couple of weeks ago.

I had to try this one on first because so far I haven't had much luck with finding body moisturizers that doesn't end up feeling sticky. Plus, this one has UV protection & moisturizes, so it replaces my sunscreen (which makes me feel sticky anyway). 2 in 1, why not?

Surprisingly, this doesn't feel sticky at all! My skin just feels smooth after! Now I don't have to apply moisturizer AND sunscreen.
Good on you, NIVEA!

Then there is their bestselling product - the Intensive Moisture Body Milk. 

This item has become my nightly holy grail. 
Firstly, the smell. I smell like a baby after using it! I don't even know how to describe it - it's milky with a nice fragrance, not floral nor sweet or musky or anything like that. Just a nice neutral smell that makes me smell like freshly showered baby. ^-^

Let me show you how my skin already looks and feels different after my first application:
Eeeks. Don't judge me okay, I'm making a big sacrifice by showing you my fat but dry thighs. See the skin? Look how dry and scaly it was?

I applied the Body Milk to my left thigh so you can see the difference.
No edit. No photoshop to make my skin less scaly.

Before (left) and after (right). 

Next, this is not sticky either! Both these 2 items I tried (with and without SPF) left my skin feeling very smooth and soft. I even tried applying powder about 10-15 minutes after, and the powder just went on smoothly without leaving clumpy traces the way it would when your skin is sticky or wet. I don't know if this is weird, but I touch the back of my own hands a lot now lol!

I don't know why I never started using you earlier, but I'm going to finish these 2 bottles for sure. I have almost NEVER finished any bottle of body moisturizer in my life, so you can see how impressed I am with these. In fact, I think I'm going to buy more and share these with my BFF Mint who's getting married in a couple months' time! Hey, which bride doesn't want baby smooth skin right? 

NIVEA is so confident of their efficacy of their bestselling Intensive Moisture range that they're challenging you to try it. If you do not see smoother skin after application, you can get your money back! T&C here!

The NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk (250ml - $6.90, 400ml - $9.90) as well as the Intensive Moisture Body Milk SPF 15 ($10.90) retails exclusively at Watson's. I think there's a 33% storewide sale at all outlets now, which means time to go shopping! ;)