Use These Tests to Decide Which Pokémon Go Team You Should Join

The world is going crazy over the Pokémon Go game launched just 2 weeks ago, and Singaporeans can't wait for when this app finally launches on our shores. 

I have already downloaded it, thanks to an APK mirror which I can't tell if it works because there are no official Pokéstops or Pokémons in Singapore yet. But you can try downloading it here. So far I think the app is safe, no known malware or anything, but don't take my word for it lol. You can catch your first Pokémon, which will surely appear once you first load the game. Word has it that if you keep ignoring the first 3 types of Pokémon, Pikachu will appear, and you can catch him as your first Pokémon.

When you get to Level 5, you will need to choose a team that you will fight with throughout the rest of your Pokémon Trainer life. You cannot change this once you have selected a team, so choose wisely. I like the colour blue because Team Mystic is supposedly the brainiest and I'd like to think of myself as so, but then I have nation pride so I'm also inclined to do the red. Plus Team Valor's logo is pretty fierce.

Choices, choices. So what did I do? Leave it to fate. Lol. Like Harry Potter's sorting hat.
Here are 2 sorta-personality tests to help you decide. I stumbled upon them while trying to figure out which one to choose.

My results for both clearly indicate that I'm no doubt meant to be in this team.

Team Singapore it is! #redandwhiteunite

Do note that it would be nice if friends or family are in the same team, so you can fight/defend gyms together, and stuff like that. Just so you know. #redandwhiteunite hahahaa
(By the way, don't you think it would be cool if all Singaporeans were in the same team?)

Which team are you meant to be in?

P.S. Guessing a lot of people will be trying to talk about Pokémon a lot in the coming months, maybe years, so here's some trivia. If you're using a Mac, to type that funny é in Pokémon, you press Opt + e to get the apostrophe, then release and type e. You're welcome. ;) 


  1. Hi Silver,

    Remember me? I drew the picture on Instagram and posted it (account is @_the_artz_addict_).
    I also took these 2 tests and got the same results as you, but my family are not fans of Pokemon GO, so I didn't download on my phone.
    Have a good week.



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