Look Better with Marie France Bodyline 30-Day Challenge

Hello!!! It's been a while since I was last here. Have been busy working on something really exciting, and Tanglin has most of my time these days. Anyways, here I am!

I just started on this new 30-Day Challenge with Marie France Bodyline, and I am psyched! Well, to begin with, you need to know my story. I was happily in the range of 50 to 53kg between 2006 to 2011. I think that was the lightest I've ever been in my life, minus the times I was a kid. (I think I hit 50kg at Primary 4 and have never gone below ever since.) So between 2012 to 2016 (now), I somehow managed to put on 6-7kg to hit about 60kg. I know. Can't tell right? Lol. But I am. You may say it's age catching up, or maybe it was due to a hip injury I had (I was a dancer when I was younger, and I sustained a hip injury then) that actually prevented me from doing the exercises I enjoy. Hey after all, you should be doing the exercises/activities you enjoy, right? I was having knee pains every time after I worked out, it was frustrating. So much so that I stopped exercising altogether. With online shopping being so rampant, I even stopped going to the malls. Talk about a sedentary-ish lifestyle huh.

I was lucky in the sense that my work actually requires me to go everywhere and do stuff, so I can't just plonk my ass on a chair and not move until work is done. But still, I never really watched my diet. Like most of us, I ate whatever and whenever I felt like. I'm lucky I'm not much of a snacker, otherwise I might be 70kg by now.

Anyway, I just decided that I think I've had enough of being chubby. I'm not fat, not in normal layman eyes. But I am fat onscreen, in this crazy industry where you're judged a lot on your looks, especially if you're a woman. And just a couple weeks ago I had this director tell me there was no point watching what I ate since I won't slim down anyway. OUCH. Like wth?

Yah. The stuff I have to go through. Anyway that was a rude wakeup call. Yeah you see all these self-love love yourself no matter what your weight is stuff on IG, and it's all really inspiring, but as women, deep down, we all want to be a little slimmer healthier. Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy being how I am, but I really wouldn't mind being able to fit into clothes better, and not have my thighs rub together when I'm wearing shorts. (Not to mention having the inside of the shorts ride up as they rub together.) I want to look better, feel better, work at least for these 30 days for a body I would rather have. Instead of just complaining and whining once in a while that I look chubby. I want to feel good about myself. So I took on this challenge.

I was taken through a consultation so I know what to expect for the next 30 days, and what kind of treatments I will be getting. After which I met the nutritionist, who took my body fat analysis test and gave me advice on what kind of foods to eat and what not to.

If you are like me, you must have read thousands of articles on what kinds of diets work and what don't. To avoid confusing yourself (like I did at first), for this 30 days, follow the recommended nutritional plan as advised by the nutritionist. If you're going to go with the program, go all the way. It helps to only have one nutritional advice to follow, and to have an actual professional nutritionist help you monitor it. =)

So what should you expect?

In 30 days, expect to look better. There is a team of nutritionists, consultants and therapists that will be there to help you achieve a better body. You do have to step out of your comfort zone, but it will all be worth it. I'm pretty excited myself about how my results will be in a month! 

You will go through 8 treatments, and 4 weekly customised nutrition plans. They will do a body fat analysis before and after the 30 days so you can compare your own results. You will also be given a free goodie bag which includes two retail-sized home care kit: 1 from the Bodytech series & the other from the all-natural Slendher Series, a 30 Days Challenge Tank Top and a $100 Marie France Bodyline Treatment Voucher. All these which are worth a total of $2140.

For just $300. 

If I could change my life for $300, I'd grab it. 

I'll be documenting my progress on Instagram so you can follow me at @silver_ang.
You can also check out and sign up for the Marie France Bodyline 30-Day Challenge at goo.gl/guHM17.