i-Laser Sculpt Therapy with Marie France Bodyline

So you guys know I completed my 30 Day Challenge with Marie France Bodyline and lost 4 inches off my waist right? (Goodness how thick a barrel was I???)

I went back for a visit post Christmas and CNY (because you know, all those festivities dining and social gatherings?) and realised the centre at Bishan has gone for a major facelift! It looks awesome and feels so chic now! 

I also checked out their new treatment which can help you achieve results in JUST ONE SESSION. We're all busy people, right? One session sounds like a steal if you don't have time to keep going back for treatments. The lesser treatment it takes to achieve the desired results, the better.

i-Laser Sculpt Therapy
So what is this sorcery???

i-Laser Sculpt Therapy is a fat burn treatment, which is part of Marie France Bodyline's 3-Step Body Wellness System of Detox, Activate and Burn. I've mentioned this in my previous post, so you might want to check that out (and also read up on my 30-Days Challenge if you haven't already done so).

Detox helps cleanse your body of toxins, which will also speed up your metabolism and enhance overall health. Activate is like activating your body's metabolism and blood circulation and maximising their potential so as to expedite the fat burning process. And Burn, which isn't just about burning fats off where you want to, but at an optimal rate, without lowering your metabolism. This is also where advances treatments like i-Laser Sculpt Therapy come into place.

Basically this is a non-invasive treatment combining low-level laser therapy and vacuum massage, and helps you to reduce fat, improve the appearance of cellulites, contour your body, and firm up loose skin. Yes, all in one! Got anymore save time or not?!

So what happens is the laser breaks down the fat underneath your skin and releases it into the system.  This is totally painfree and you basically just lie down on a comfortable treatment bed for 10 minutes. A little warmth is all you'll feel at your treatment area. That's it. Snooze, relax, just let your mind wander. =)

I was also given a head massage while the i-Laser machine works its magic. Mmmm~~~

A 10-min vacuum massage is performed after the laser to enhance lymphatic drainage, remove fatty acids from the area and stimulate cell renewal. Think slimmer silhouette and tighter, tauter, more "toing toing" skin. You'll feel a little vacuum sucking your fats where you want them gone, and it is a pretty interesting experience. No one's going to suck your fats like that so chances are you haven't felt this sensation before. I know I haven't. Lol!

You are then put on a vibrating machine to help "exercise" some of the fats off, for about 5-10 minutes. And you're done! Change out and you're good to go! 30 minutes is all you need, so you can even do this during lunch hour, if you have a Marie France Bodyline centre near you!

The next bit is where you do your part. Within the next 24 hours, you are advised to do some post-treatment exercises so that the fat that is released into the system is burnt off effectively. You are also advised to avoid fatty food during this period of time because well, you already have them released from your problem areas into the body. I feel like I shouldn't need to tell you this but instead of eating more of them, BURN THEM OFF! DUH! This is the best time to do this, and let me explain to you why. You know how with exercising you can never choose which parts of your body fats to lose? Usually when we exercise, and the body just burns whichever part it chooses (and often times we lose the parts we want to keep 😭😭😭). I think we all can relate. This treatment helps you break down the fats from where you want to, and release the fats from that area into the system so that when you exercise later, what is burnt off first are the fats you have chosen to get rid of! 

Amazing or what? I lost a total of 3cm in that one session, and it's not water weight. (I know because we took the Body Fat test to make sure.)

Just for my readers, Marie France Bodyline is offering one session of i-Laser Sculpt and one session of Accelerated Fat Reduction Treatment (worth $450) at just $128! That’s a 71.5% discount! The first 20 sign-ups will also receive a travel-sized BodyTech Perfectionist Serum worth $30.

The i-Laser Sculpt treatment will only be available at all Marie France Bodyline centres by end April but do pre-book your sessions so you can get your slots first!

Cheers to great health, and an amazing body!

And here's a video in case you skipped everything I typed above. 💋